Five Things Friday: 04/07/17 Edition


Oh, Snow. Who invited you to the April party? I don’t mean to be rude, but go home, Snow, you’re drunk. Come back in December.

  1. Currently Reading: I’m so proud of myself – I finished The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo before it was returned to the library. Well, sort of – technically it was due back, but I turned off the data on my phone when I accessed the Kindle app, so I was able to “keep” it an extra day since the app couldn’t sync. I ended up really enjoying the book, and though I was an Amy Schumer fan before I started reading it, I’m a bigger fan now. I like that she’s using her fame to do good things; she seems like she’s a totally normal person who doesn’t forget where she came from. I also enjoyed that there was some serious content in the book, alongside the requisite funny parts that one would expect from a book written by a comedienne. It was different from what I’d expected when I started it, and a good, solid read.

    Since I finished TGwtLBT, I renewed Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures. I’m still not very far into it, but I’m getting there. I don’t know why it’s taking me so darn long to read this one, though.

  2. Currently Eating: Nothing all that exciting, really. Earlier this week I made a huge batch of roasted veggies, a chicken dish that’s likely going to last me through the weekend, and the most enormous pot of ham & vegetable soup that’s ever been made. I don’t love the soup, to be honest; it’s not one of my finest. But it uses up a lot of things I had hanging around, and it’s filling, so I plan on eating it up. I have probably 2 week’s worth of soup lunches in my freezer, plus another 2 week’s worth of soup lunches in my fridge. I’m going to be souped out. I might need to move some of the fridge soup to the freezer so I don’t go nuts.

    I have an event to go to tonight, a breakfast meeting before work tomorrow, and possibly brunch on Sunday, so I plan on balancing out the healthy stuff with some good, old-fashioned, delicious junk.

  3. Currently Watching: As I debated searching for Pacific Heat last week, I discovered that season 3 of How To Get Away With Murder is now on Netflix, so I’ve been watching that. I’m about halfway through, and I remember now why I liked it so much to begin with.
  4. Currently Loving: Things are better this week than they’ve been in weeks, which is a relief. I’m trying to do this thing where I live more in the moment, so I’m trying to stop thinking about what might be coming down the pike. When I start wondering if my current words and actions will affect things a few months down the road, I start to get a little anxious and annoyed and just generally become not happy. So I’m trying hard to stop doing that. It’s more difficult than I’d anticipated, though, so it’s a work in progress.

    I love the fact that I got to see a friend I don’t get to see so much anymore last night, and I love that she introduced me to a new shot. She calls them “mini beers,” and they’re Licor 43 topped with a few drops of cream. They look like tiny little beers, but they taste remarkably like milkshakes. They are dangerous and delicious. 🙂 She also shared her margarita recipe, which is crazy-strong (but doesn’t taste like it). Also dangerous. But so glad I got to hang out with her and her family again. ❤

  5. Currently Anticipating: It feels like I have so many things going on this week (and this month)!
  • Tonight: Volunteering with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for their After Hours: Cocktails and Kryptonite event/fundraiser. I signed on to volunteer with the library around a year ago, but the events they usually need volunteers for don’t really work with my schedule. This one fit just fine; I didn’t have any other plans tonight. Plus, now I get to scope out what these After Hours events are all about. I’m a little excited about it!
  • Tomorrow: Breakfast meeting in the morning, and then I’m just going to be sticking around in the Strip District until I go to work. However, I’ve done this before and I know how it works – I plan to hang out in the Strip after the meeting, but in reality I’ll probably end up staying in the office until I’m due at work, and then I’ll show up late. Worth it, every time.
  • Tomorrow: Work! I had last weekend off so I could attend the Red Cross Ball, and we have next weekend off because they don’t schedule events on Easter weekend, so I’m excited to go in tomorrow.
  • Sunday: Possibly going to brunch with friends. If so, yay! If not, I have a lot of food prep work I need to get done anyway. I feel like there’s something else I’d scheduled for Sunday afternoon/evening, but I can’t remember what it is. Sunday might be more of a surprise than anything else.
  • Tuesday: I have another dental appointment for my implant, so I have the day off work. And also, pain meds. Yay! (Sort of.)
  • Next week: The week before Easter, so hopefully it’s a reasonable work week.


Hope y’all have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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2 Responses to Five Things Friday: 04/07/17 Edition

  1. maryaquino says:

    Oh joy. Let’s just label Tuesday Dentist Day. I’m having some dental work done that day too. I doubt I’ll get meds tho. Have I mentioned I hate dentists?


    • Lindsay says:

      Boooo for Dental Tuesdays.
      Actually, I’m scheduled for it, but they’re requiring me to pay in advance (an unearthly amount) and I’ve been avoiding their calls, so… maybe I won’t be needing those pain meds after all.


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