How To Adult

How To Adult

I had a good, old-fashioned “adult-style” day filled with a nice mix of fun and work!

The day started off with brunch with friends at Kaya, where we indulged in chicken & waffles. You know how sometimes you build something up in your mind because it’s been so long since you’ve had it and you remember it being outrageously delicious, but then you have it and it’s good but not lose-your-mind good? That’s how this was. I remembered it being better before, but that could be time and memories playing tricks on my brain. It was still really good, and I’d absolutely go back and get it again, but I remember it tasting more amazing before. Regardless, we had fun and it was nice to hang out mid-day.

After brunch, we all walked to the volunteer office together (we parked there), but then went our separate ways. I grabbed my laptop out of my car and went upstairs to my new office. Yes, my office. 🙂 Things are being moved around in the chapter, and our program specialist was moved into a new office and she requested a second desk for me. Okay, okay, fine, maybe she was just saying it was for me and it’s not really, but I know what I heard (and she said it a few times and showed me where stuff is, so it sounds like it really might be mine). I’ve become sort of a fixture in the office at all times of the day – sometimes I work from their office instead of my own or instead of from my house – and I usually grab a small huddle room to do my work. Now I’m supposed to bring all my stuff into the new office and make myself at home.

So I tested out the new desk and chair today while I caught up on some administrative stuff. I like it. A lot. But then again, I was the only one there, so time will tell how things are on a normal day. 🙂

After the admin stuff, I headed to Costco (Sunday tradition), and then headed back home for some fun in the sun. And by fun in the sun, I mean yardwork (blech).

I ended up cutting my grass AND weed-wacking the entire yard (and found a strange enormous shell in my yard… ??), plus I did laundry, took the garbage out, brought in my winter stuff/took out my spring-summer outdoors stuff and cleaned it off, cleaned up my bedroom, and made breakfast and snacks for the next week. I got a surprising amount of stuff done, which was really nice. And bonus, I don’t feel like the world’s worst neighbor this year since I was one of the first to cut my grass – I normally wait until May for the first cut.

Feeling pretty smug right now. I think I’ve got this adulting thing down (for today). 🙂


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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