Five Things Friday: 04/14/17 Edition


Hello, friends!

Happy Good Friday to you, if that’s your thing. If not, well, Happy Friday anyway.

I’m not much for religion, so I’m in the Happy Friday camp, but I have been enjoying my fair share of fish this Lenten season. Tonight I did something different, though – I bought a tiny cheap charcoal grill and a steak. (Heathen!) It took me an obnoxiously long time to put the grill together, and then I couldn’t figure out how to keep the charcoal lit, so eventually I moved the steak to the broiler in the oven and gave up on the idea of grilling. So if anyone has charcoal grilling tips, send ’em my way!

  1. Currently Reading: I haven’t read anything this week because I’ve been kept busy with other things, so I’m still “working” on Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures. Honestly. Longest read ever.
  2. Currently Eating: Steak. 🙂 And a little bit of lighter fluid, I suspect… something tastes off. I have a nice baked sweet potato with butter and a little brown sugar to go with the lighter fluid steak, so I’m a happy kid.

    Eats this week have been normal and good. Just in time for me to go all-out with Easter foods. (HAM GRAVY!!)

  3. Currently Watching: A few friends told me about Bob’s Burgers, and when they found out I’d recently watched Archer, they insisted I had to watch it. It took me a couple episodes to warm up to it, but I like it now. Funny how I rarely watched cartoons as a kid, but now that’s all I do.
  4. Currently Loving: It’s been a very busy, but generally good week for volunteer stuff. We have a lot of changes coming soon – new positions (me), people leaving (a couple of my favorites, including someone I’ve become really close with over the past few months), meetings (so many), training sessions (so many), and even an appreciation dinner. All of that, within the next five weeks. Lots of planning happening these days.

    Over the past couple weeks, I’ve taken on some additional responsibilities, most notably the role of “DAT Lead.” (DAT = Disaster Action Team) The overarching team success is in my hands now (kind of), and I suppose this is why they gave me a desk and an office. It’s still a volunteer role, but I’m in charge of managing the trainees, team members, workers-in-charge, team leads, supervisors on duty (except for staff, obviously), and the individual workstream leads. Additionally, I’ve officially (as of this week) taken on scheduling and managing our orientations, I’ve become a shift scheduler, and I’m helping to manage the mentor/mentee relationships for new volunteers. This is all on top of what I normally do as a team lead/supervisor on duty/mentor/instructor/training and promotions coordinator/occasional tech support. (Holy smokes, when I write it all out, it sounds like I do a lot. When do I find time to sleep? THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH!!)

    This week I’ve been working on drafting some potential changes to how we engage our volunteers, how our orientations should be scheduled and run, and how we should tackle continuing education goals. I’m trying to bring some methodology to a process that’s historically been undocumented and rather free-form. It’s a busy, busy time, and I’m actually really excited about most of the changes. Not so excited about losing my main staff contact person and friend (we – especially I – will miss her more than she realizes), but that’s really the only downside so far. Let’s revisit this all in a couple months when I’m burned out and/or frustrated. 🙂

  5. Currently Anticipating: Easter weekend! For someone who’s never been super-religious, Easter weekend is surprisingly one of my favorites. It usually means spring is here to stay for realsies, and there’s chocolate and family and ham gravy and mashed potatoes and just a lot of my favorite things all rolled into one day. I love it even more now that my part-time job doesn’t require me to work on the day itself – I still think back to my days at the country club and feel overwhelming relief that I’m not there anymore. In fact, my bartending gig didn’t schedule anything at all for this weekend, so we’re all off. So as of 4pm today, I’m without paid-work responsibilities until Monday morning. Huzzah! I’m still on the volunteer schedule for most of Saturday, but as a supervisor, so hopefully I won’t have to do much (and besides, that’s my own doing).

    The “problem” (ha ha) with having an entire Saturday off is that I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do with myself. I’m thinking I might take myself shopping to the outlets, just because I can waste the entire day there. Plus, Sarris Chocolates is on the way back from the Tanger Outlets, so I can get my traditional peanut butter meltaway egg on the way home. Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me!

    My parents have been on vacation since Tuesday, so I was afraid we weren’t doing Easter as a family this year. Luckily, my aunt is doing it, and she’s the maker of the ham gravy. I go ape over ham gravy. Cannot get enough. I don’t even really like ham all that much, but ham gravy on mashed potatoes is my kryptonite. My parents are coming back in the morning/early afternoon, so they’ll likely come too. Probably no puppies, though – I think they’re at the doggy spa until Monday. Boooo.


That’s it for tonight. Happy weekend!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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3 Responses to Five Things Friday: 04/14/17 Edition

  1. Nothing Personal says:

    Like you I don’t like ham that much. But ham gravy, I have go say I’ve never tried that. Sounds intriguing.


    • Lindsay says:

      My aunt is the only person I’ve ever heard of who makes it; we had no idea it existed until she married my uncle and started cooking for holidays. My life was forever changed for the better that day. 😉


      • Nothing Personal says:

        That’s quite the endorsement. Not sure I ever heard of it until about 12 hours ago. I googled images. It doesn’t look how I thought it would. I could totally eat it.


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