Five Things Friday: 4/21/17 Edition


Hello, friends!

Today one of my little cousins, the only one I ever babysat, turns 21. I. Feel. OLD.

I also feel old because as of today, I’m a 100% scot-free homeowner! Honestly, I thought I’d be more excited about this, and I even have a bottle of champagne ready (Veuve Clicquot, at that!) to celebrate, but I’m really just feeling ‘meh’ about it. Too many other things happening right now to be concerned with it, I guess. I suspect I’ll be more excited next month, when I no longer need to shell out a mortgage payment. Maybe I’ll save the champagne for that day…

  1. Currently Reading: I really did make progress this week, but I’m still on the same book as ever. Nearing the end, though, so hopefully it’ll be done by next week at this time.
  2. Currently Eating: Believe it or not, I’m still working on Easter leftovers. I’ve been eating them sparingly over the past few days, so I’m making them last. I have enough for exactly one more meal, so guess what’s for lunch tomorrow?

    Tonight I’m going out with friends to celebrate my impending birthday at Casbah, and I’ve been checking out their menu online all day. It’s looking good, and I have a few different options in mind. Casbah is always a good meal.

    Sunday, I assume I’ll be dining out with my parents for the big day, so even more good food is coming my way. Birthday dinners out are really the only benefit to getting older, as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Currently Watching: I finished Bob’s Burgers rather quickly, likely because there are only two seasons on Netflix. Once I finished it, I realized there’s a new season of Better Call Saul available, so that’s what I’ve been working through this week. I love that every time I start to think, “What am I going to watch next?” Netflix comes out with a new season of a show I already like. It’s like I never really have to worry about it. Thanks, Netflix.
  4. Currently Loving: I love that I got to see the pups last weekend, and I wish they’d travel to see me this weekend (but I know they won’t).

    That kind of sums up what I’ve been loving this week – it’s been kind of a stressful, nerve-wracking week, and the next few weeks (or maybe even months) are sure to be more of the same. Things are changing faster than I’d like them to, which means I’m getting more responsibilities than I thought I would. I discussed this with someone last night, and the consensus is that I’ve really stepped up the adult-ness the past couple months. Actual adults are looking at me like an adult now, which is weird.

    Also strange, and kind of adorable, is people asking me to take a job. With all of the changes happening with the volunteer stuff lately, yesterday I was approached by no less than seven different people who asked me to fill the new job vacancy in the organization. Some of these people I’ve barely ever spoken with before. Two of them had lengthy private conversations with me and begged me to take the job (which is a first for me). Meanwhile, I have no plans to even apply for it. There is one sliver of a situation in which I’d consider it, but the person who can make it happen seems unwilling to have the requisite conversation. So as far as I’m concerned, it’s a non-starter. The ridiculous thing is, if we don’t fill the position, part of the responsibilities fall to me anyway as the Lead. Like it or not, some hard conversations are on the horizon over the next couple weeks. But separately, how cute are my fellow volunteers, asking me to take it? I’ll never understand why, but they seem to like me… and I love them. ❤

  5. Currently Anticipating: There are a few things:
    • Dinner with friends at Casbah tonight.
    • Working tomorrow and hopefully getting some money (though I kind of wish I didn’t have to go in – there are too many other things I’d rather do this weekend).
    • Likely seeing my parents on Sunday.
    • Recognition dinner thing on Wednesday.
    • Hopefully enjoying some Mad Mex with a friend at some point (gotta love those Big Burrito birthday certificates!)

That’s about all for this week. Wish me luck on not losing my mind over the next few weeks!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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