Molto Benny

Molto Benny

I used to think I could compete reasonably well in a competitive eating contest, but then I went to Benny Fierro’s for my birthday and now I’m not so sure. If you’ve never been there or never heard of the place, Benny Fierro’s serves enormous NY-style pizza and they’re the home of “the Virginia slice.” I’d never heard of such a thing before, but judging by the size of the slices, pizzas are bigger in Virginia.

I’d been forewarned about the size of the pizza from the other bartender at work, as he recently went there with some friends for his birthday. I knew both the slices and full pizza were large, but I still felt like I could handle it.

I was so wrong.

I went with my mom and dad on Sunday, and we ordered a whole pizza – go big or go home! The slices that we saw other diners with were too big to fit on one plate – they required a minimum of two. We opted for pepperoni on ours, and sat down to wait. After about 15 minutes or so, the pizza arrived and it was so big that the pan spilled out over the sides of the table. I was in heaven. Sure, the pizza looked big, but it still didn’t look unreasonable to me. Aren’t people supposed to get smarter with age? I’m not.

We each grabbed a slice and went to town. I kid you not, it took me a good 15 minutes or so to finish eating one slice, and I could barely do it. My mom couldn’t finish her slice, and my dad – a pretty big dude – could only manage one slice and about a third of another. We were all impressed, though – with a pizza that size, we kind of expected the appeal was in the novelty of it; all style, no substance. But in reality, it was actually really good pizza! They aren’t skimping on quality in favor of quantity; Benny’s has it all.

Part of the reason I wanted to go to Benny’s was so that I could be sure to have leftovers, and I wasn’t disappointed. My mom and dad took two slices home and I took 2-2/3 slices home (I snagged the 2/3 of a slice my dad couldn’t finish). They gave us pizza boxes that would fit a large pizza at a normal pizza joint, and we could only fit two slices in them – that’s how big the slices are.

So now I’m working through my leftovers and I don’t think it’s ever taken me so long to eat my way through 2-2/3 slices of pizza before. I had it for lunch yesterday, and dinner tonight. I still have a full slice left, but there’s no other container I can package it in (too big!), so the large pizza box is hanging out in my fridge until I can eat the last slice.

It’s not often a pizza can impress me with its size and also its flavor, so hats off to you, Benny Fierro’s. Your pizza is molto bene (and molto Benny)!


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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