I made plans to meet a friend for drinks tonight, and he suggested The Loft Bar in Regent Square. The bar is on the second floor of the building, right above D’s Six Pack & Dogs, which seems to be a Regent Square institution. The last time I was in D’s was probably 2007, which just seems insane to me (time flies so fast!), but it also makes sense since I’m a hot dog hater.

Anyway, tonight I got there a little after 6:30 and my friend was the only patron at the bar, which seemed strange. That didn’t last long, though – apparently Wednesday is trivia night, so the place filled up around 8 or so. Before the trivia folks arrived, it was fairly quiet and the drinks were good. Trivia was a bit loud, though – loud enough that I jumped when the announcer started speaking. Once the game started, it was hard to talk, but on a non-trivia night, it seems like it would be a great place.

Drinks were fairly cheap – Dark & Stormys were $5.50 ($6.50, with $1 off, presumably for a late-ish happy hour?), and my friend’s beer was $4 ($6, with $2 off). We ended up grabbing food from downstairs at D’s, which was a little confusing – they told us we’d need to go back down to pick it up, but just as I looked at my phone for a time-check, the bartender came over with a bag of our food. We appreciated the bartender bringing it up, but we hadn’t expected it; the process was a wee bit confusing.

All in all, we had a good time there and I’d definitely go back for another happy hour. I couldn’t find diddly squat about the bar online (I’d been looking for happy hour timing and prices), but I don’t think that’s really an issue – drinks were cheap enough even without happy hour prices. The only thing I’d do differently is I’d probably go on a different night since the trivia was so loud. Other than that, it was a solid bar!

Tomorrow, I’m off to another new-to-me bar; this time I’ll be scouting out a location for a new post-volunteer-meeting happy hour (and hanging with my friend Tony, of course). Geesh, the things I do for this team! 😉


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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