Five Things Friday: 06/30/17 Edition


Greetings, friends, and sorry this is so late.

I’ve spent the evening torn between doing volunteer stuff in the office and “mentoring” one of my volunteers (which means we grabbed food, walked around, and I showed him a bunch of awesome things at the chapter). As such, I was gone all night and just got home. It was fun, though, and we both got to vent a little. I’m not sure the point of mentoring is to vent to your mentees, but oh well. It works for us.

  1. Currently Reading: F-i-n-a-l-l-y finished Naked At Lunch. I liked it quite a bit, actually; it made me think more than I’d expected.

    Next up is Theft By Finding, which is the newest book from one of my all-time favorite authors, David Sedaris. I just started it today, but I already know I’m going to love it.  ❤

  2. Currently Eating: Pretty normal stuff all week, but tonight we grabbed a pizza at Caliente. No regrets, still a fan. Sorry, this area seems to be pretty boring these days!
  3. Currently Watching: I watched all of GLOW in less than a week, and for someone who’s never watched wrestling and who has consistently thought it’s stupid, I really enjoyed the show. Gosh darnit, Netflix, why can’t you come out with a terrible show just once?

    After I finished GLOW, I moved on to something I wasn’t sure I’d like… The Great British Baking Show.  I was a little lost for the first episode – who are these people, and why do they all seem so terrified of this little old Mary lady? – but then I decided I like it. It’s oddly soothing for me, and I don’t know why. And surprisingly, it hasn’t made me want to eat all the baked goods in town, which is what I’d expected. It’s a nice low-stress diversion.

  4. Currently Loving: I’m in an “I know something you don’t know” kind of situation with someone who’s been driving me insane lately (though to be fair, I’m pretty sure I’m driving her insane as well, but it’s because maybe she just needs to do her job so I don’t have to do it for her?), and it’s petty and stupid, but for once I sort of feel like I have the upper hand in the situation. I know it’s not your normal “currently loving” fodder, but I learned something tonight that reinforced the fact that I’m not crazy; other people have been noticing some weird stuff too. Knowing it’s not just me = LOVE.

    Also loving that there’s at least one reasonable, sane person I can discuss such matters with.

    Super-duper loving the fact that I took Monday off, so I just started a 4-day weekend. Granted, I have to work tomorrow (today, at this point), and I have plans on Sunday and Monday, but the important thing is that I won’t be working.

  5. Currently Anticipating: The aforementioned 4-day weekend. 🙂

    But really, the one thing I’m most looking forward to is meeting up with our former volunteer supervisor on Monday. She left our team in May and I don’t know if I’ve ever missed anyone so much in my entire life – it’s like she left a huge void that can’t be filled. We’ve since filled her position, and that person is very nice, but it’s just not the same. I get sad every time I think about her, but then happy because she changed my life in such significant ways. Anyway, I’m crazy-excited to meet up with her on Monday, and I wish the day would just get here already!

    I’m dipping my toe into the dating world rather accidentally this weekend, and there’s a funny story involved with it that I’m not going to get into, so let’s just say that if I disappear Sunday and don’t post anything, y’all might want to get the authorities looking for me.

    Also coming up this week is the 4th of July, which is once again a day I like now that I don’t have to work. I have tentative plans for where I’m going to watch the fireworks, and today’s picture is a hint. I scoped it out tonight. 🙂

That’s it for this week, friends. Hope y’all have a great long weekend and that you stay safe. And send a search party if you don’t hear from me after Sunday night. (Not really kidding on this… please do.)


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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