Hello, friends!

I kind of had a really awesome day today. Let’s recap, shall we?

I started the day off by meeting a good friend for brunch in Mt. Lebanon and we sat and talked for almost 4 hours. She’s the one person who truly understands exactly what I’m going through with some volunteer management stuff, so it felt ahhhhhmazing to finally be able to tell someone everything that’s been going on lately and to feel validated. Turns out I’m not crazy (at least not with this stuff), and I really needed to hear some things from someone else to confirm some things I’ve been thinking (sorry for being vague). Truly, though, it was such a relief to finally be able to talk to someone who really understands – I’m at a point where I really feel like I can’t talk to anyone (about this stuff in particular) and it’s driving me crazy. Plus, we have the shared excitement of what we do, and we have a million friends in common, so we had a fantastic time. I really didn’t want to leave, but I had another planned stop in the neighborhood, so we left as Pamela’s restaurant was getting ready to close down.

My next stop was Duck Donuts, which I only stopped at because it was so close. My mom had mentioned it on Facebook a couple days ago, so I made a quick decision to stop at the donut place to grab a half dozen, and then to head to my parents’ house for a surprise visit. The folks at Duck Donuts were very hospitable (I imagine it gets really tiring and annoying to give the same spiel over and over again all day long, but they made it sound fresh every time), and they guided me through ordering the donuts. I grabbed my half dozen and an iced coffee (because I needed more caffeine after sitting in a diner for 4 hours drinking probably 3/4 of a coffee carafe on my own), and then headed for home.

My dad was at work for most of the evening, and my mom was running errands when I arrived, so I had some quality time with the pups. My mom came home about an hour after I’d arrived, and she had my grandma in tow, so off we went to dinner and to run more errands. When we got back, we were only home for about 5 minutes before my dad came home early from work and gathered us back in the car. One of his friends is stupid-rich and was lighting off fireworks for all to see (he’s licensed, apparently), so we headed over to watch the closest fireworks I’ve ever seen in my life. Professional quality, long-lasting (about 20 mins) and so close to us that ash rained down on our heads.

After the fireworks show, we headed back home to play with the pups some more, and my dad made a sandwich… except, he must have used butter and then reached down to pet Tank’s head, because from then on, Tank’s head right above his left eye smelled like butter. So now his new nickname is Butterface, and the poor lil dude doesn’t understand why that’s so funny to me (but he loved the extra attention). Really, though, he smelled good; maybe we should rub butter on him more often.

So all in all, I had a really great day off – I got to hang out with a good friend, achieved a bit of catharsis, ate some good-tasting [junk] food, played with dogs, hung out with my parents and one of my grandmas, and got to see fireworks really close-up.

Not bad for a Monday, eh? 🙂


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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