I Want It All

I Want It All

Today’s escapades kind of made up for yesterday’s gropefest and yardwork. There was much more fun involved, and more alcohol.

The workday went just fine, but the real fun started when one of my Dallas friends Skyped me and asked if I was on the CEO’s town hall meeting. I, of course, wasn’t invited; it was a staff-only call, and not even all staff was invited. So when he sent me the dial-in info, I realized I was probably the only volunteer on the call and I went on mute accordingly. 🙂 I learned a lot, though, and I think it would be great to open up the town hall meetings to all participants, provided they’re on mute.

I also got to do something else kind of cool and volunteer-related while I was at work – a few weeks ago, I signed myself up for blood services and service to the armed forces volunteer opportunities. I finally got to talk with one of my regular staff people about both positions today, and now I’m officially a Bio-Med volunteer and I’m semi-officially a service to the armed forces (SAF) volunteer. My thinking is that I want to learn as much as I can, while I can. I can’t very well take over the company so I can lead my own town hall meetings if I don’t understand the basics about everything we do, right? 😉

After work, we had our monthly disaster services meeting and this meeting was much less eventful than last month’s (thank goodness). Last month’s meeting ended up being a continuation of the preceding week, and also ended up being the beginning of a really uncomfortable stretch of time for me. This month’s meeting was much better. Let’s just say I learned some lessons in the past month. 🙂 Anyway, the meeting went well and I was excited to see some new faces and some faces that haven’t been there in a while. I thought I was going to have to leave early for my volleyball game, but the meeting ended early-ish this month, so I didn’t miss anything. There was some awkwardness as everyone looked towards me after the meeting since I’m usually leading the charge to happy hour, but I had to skip out today and no one really seemed to know what to do with that information. This is pretty much the only place where I feel moderately important and that feels so strange to write, but it’s true. I really can’t explain it.

I managed to get to volleyball a few minutes early, which meant I was able to secure some backup players from my old team for a future week where we’ll only have one or two of our regular players. Then our game time rolled around and we maintained our perfect record of losses (for real, we’re completely defeated this season, and we just don’t even care in the slightest).

We lost so quickly that I was able to text my volunteer friends and got them to stay for another drink while I drove over to see them. I felt bad about missing the happy hour, so I stopped by for a drink on my way home. A few people had left, but a couple of them remained; I got to hang out with one person in particular who I don’t get to see too often. Towards the end of the night, one drink turned into two, and it was finally just the two of us. It was kind of great, because we got to have a real conversation instead of the general pleasantries that come along with the group territory. The danger of two margaritas is that the filter that’s normally in place in my brain suddenly disappears halfway through the second marg, so I ended up telling my friend all of my grand plans for the future. To his credit, he’s onboard and thinks I can achieve them. At the end of the night, as we were closing down the place, he stopped us and asked if we can take a selfie so there’s proof we hung out way back when and he can tell people when I’m running a multi-billion dollar non-profit. Have I mentioned lately how much I absolutely adore my fellow volunteers? ❤

Anyway, I managed to handle work, volunteer stuff (lots of it), and volleyball all in one night and I’m quite proud of myself. Plus I was able to sneak into a restricted meeting, and I got to hang out with someone I don’t get to see all that often.

Pretty nice little Thursday, if you ask me! 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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