Five Things Friday: 08/11/17 Edition


Yesterday my work hosted their annual Take Your Child To Work Day (we’re special, I guess, and we schedule our own day outside of everyone else’s). For lunch, likely because we had a bunch of children running rampant through the office, they brought in Chik-Fil-A. Since I had spent part of my day crying in the bathroom and the rest of the day on non-stop escalation calls, I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch like a normal person. Luckily, one of my coworkers had pity on me and grabbed a kid’s lunch box for me so I could eventually eat when the crying and meetings stopped. I assume he didn’t snatch it out of the hands of a child, but if he did, oh well. I still appreciate the gesture. 🙂 I ate part of the meal yesterday, and then finished off the fruit salad with lunch today. I can’t quite figure out how they got the apples to stay apple-y (I’m sure it’s lemon juice, but when I try that, the slices still turn brown), but it was a pretty darn good fruit salad even a day later.

  1. Currently Reading: I finished Theft By Finding and returned it to the library, then moved on to the second book in the Miss Peregrine’s series: Hollow City. I’m only about 15% through this one, but I anticipate liking it as much as I liked the first.
  2. Currently Eating: A leftover Chik-Fil-A kid’s meal, but more importantly, I’m looking forward to what I’ll be eating tonight. I’ll be traveling home to see my parents and the pups, and then we’re heading to the Farm Show, as per tradition. I know I’ll get a super-sugary lemonade to drink while we’re there, and I’ll get some donuts to take home, but I’m not sure what I’ll eat for dinner yet. Anything and everything is on the table; the junkier the better. 🙂 Bring on the fried fair food!
  3. Currently Watching: Still on the latest season of Madam Secretary on Netflix. I’m almost done with it, but I don’t know if I’ll manage to finish it before the weekend is up. Still want to be Téa Leoni, though.
  4. Currently Loving: OMG this work week is almost over, thank goodness! It has been one of the worst in the history of my not-so-short life. I’m so happy we’re already into the afternoon on Friday, and I have just two more meetings to attend and an online timesheet to fill out before I’m free.

    On the volunteer front, I’m finally starting to make progress on this special project I’ve been assigned to, and I’ve had quite a few calls about it this week. Two of those calls have been with people who work at National, so those calls were extra-interesting. A bunch of the calls have been one-on-one calls with my regional staff person; we’ve been trying to make sure we’re on the same page through every step of the process. I’m currently at the point where I’m trying to delegate certain tasks to management staff, and while that’s backfiring in one very specific instance (as I’d expected), it’s moving along swimmingly in every other aspect. It feels really good to actually be doing something to make changes, though, instead of just discussing changes. ❤

  5. Currently Anticipating: I’m really excited about seeing the pups tonight, and almost as excited to go to the Farm Show. I was telling a friend about the Ku Klux Lambs, and he thought I was nuts until I showed him the pictures. Hoping for more lamb-y goodness tonight. 🙂

    I’m also almost pee-my-pants excited about having a day completely off tomorrow. Yes, it’s a Saturday, and we have a wedding where I work, but somehow I was scheduled off. I actually asked if I was secretly being fired, but no, I’m on the schedule again for next week. Given the dumpster fire that has been my full-time job this week, the unexpected day off couldn’t have come at a better time. That said, I’m completely unsure of what I’m supposed to do with myself. What do y’all do on Saturday nights if you’re not working? I’m tentatively considering taking a day trip to Ohio to visit Costco (they sell different things in different states), or I might just sleep all day. It’s all up in the air right now; I’m not sure what’s gonna happen. But I like that I have a choice for once!

    Monday is going to bring more volunteer stuff – first with another delegation request to the management folks, and then with a meeting between me and my local chapter staff.

    Tuesday is a regional volunteer meeting after work, Wednesday is tentatively nothing (yet), and then Thursday I have both volleyball playoffs and also our monthly Disaster meeting where I’ll need to start introducing all of the new changes that are coming down the pike. Depending on the timing of our playoff game, I may or may not be able to play. This always brings me back to the same question: why does everything awesome always have to be scheduled on Thursday nights? Argh.

That’s it for this week, folks. Hope you have a great weekend filled with junk food and lambs dressed as klansmen.  😛


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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